Leap Conference http://www.kentisd.org/instructional-services/special-education/services/leap/

The LEAP acronym stands for Lead, Empower, Assist, Parents

I represented the Adaptive Design Association in a two hour presentation on the seating, positioning and instructional supports that come to life out of that simple material, cardboard. Sixteen parents and therapists attended the presentation. The first quarter of the presentation was spent displaying the variety and utility of previous creations. The attendees suffered through an “Introduction to Cardboard” presentation including videos of the creation process. To get them to understand the design process, we then used Artist’s Models, (the wooden kind) to measure. They then applied the information to the construction of a model floor seat and tray table. Upon completion of the project, the attendees shared their design ideas. All supported the functionality of their designs. As time ran out, my contact information was given out and the offer made to take the design process to the next step by making fully functional items.