The Muskegon ISD Design Team traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan and Davenport University. We presented the construction potential of cardboard to first and second year Occupational Therapy Students. They got the run down on the Adaptive Design Association, projects, and the ever popular Cardboard 101….. They were separated into teams of two, given rulers, pencils, scissors, cardboard, artist’s model and the Equipment Request Form. The challenge was to create a floor seating option for the artist’s model.


A bit of time was spent prior to the construction discussing the reasoning behind the measurements required by the form. ie describe a student who might/not need a higher back, or lateral support. Seat and base angle etc. The students were quick to share and point out client characteristics that would affect design.

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It was a quick two hours, Jim forgot to bring tape…Many thanks to the Davenport OT department and Susan Owens for wrangling up a few rolls of masking tape, bringing the event together.