We hurried back to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia on a dark, wet December evening, clutching our carefully-constructed devices that we had fabricated under the watchful eyes of the staff at the Adaptive Design Association. We boarded the train, tired but happy, full of ideas for designing and producing functional, individualized and attractive cardboard devices that would meet the needs of children in our local area.

Reality hit us in January as we worked to acquire supplies, set up a work space and think about transferring our new skills and knowledge to groups of occupational & physical therapy students. After all, we weren’t just in this alone! As well as support from our administrators and faculty colleagues, we also had the enthusiasm of our students.

We have already learned so much on this journey and are excited to continue building our skills. Our occupational and physical therapy students have completed their initial projects – designing and fabricating devices for a peer – and have gained basic skills in cardboard construction. Our next phase is to design and fabricate devices for local children – wish us luck!